Summer 2017

Summer started early in New Zealand and it was a lovely change.  Having heard that last year was one of the worst years for weather (especially summer) in New Zealand, it helps us not take the sun and heat for granted.  I feel like December has had more warm days than all of last summer and we aren’t complaining, though some Kiwis are.  I can’t really understand how they can complain about comfortable heat (no humidity and cool evenings), but I’m a warm-weather person.

As much as I love summer and the warm weather I’ve determined that all kids should experience a northern hemisphere Christmas at least once in their lives.  Frosty and Rudolph just make more sense when it’s not in the mid-80’s.  (Please note that I didn’t put mid-20’s C here.  You’re welcome.)

As we close out 2017, I guess it is time to provide an update regarding that pesky question – how long are you planning to stay in New Zealand?  While we do not have an exact answer to the question we can tell you that we have signed another lease which extends until October 2018.

Why October you may ask?  It seemed to make sense for a few reasons.  Our current lease is up at the end of January.  I started a new job (at the same company but doing something new)about a month and a half ago while Anthony is enjoying his current position.  Moving in winter isn’t something we wanted to do, nor do landlords like to have leases end during that time.  So we decided on October since that will be spring.

We hold resident visas so we can technically stay in New Zealand forever, however travel restrictions will be enforced once we are here 2 years.  At that time we will need to apply to have the travel restrictions lifted.  We feel this is something we would like to strive for.  We put in a lot of time, effort, heart, and hard work to make this move happen so it would be a benefit to be able to be permanent residents of New Zealand.  (Residency is not citizenship.  We are still US citizens.)

You’ve probably heard the saying – Just book the flight.  We’re doing our best to live up to it.  Here are a few pics from our latest favorite adventures.

It’s no incline but the Wellington cable car was pretty cool. The city has been named the coolest little capital in the world and after only 2 days there, we totally agree. We’ll see you again Wellington.
The Wellington beer scene is on point. Wellington is also the NZ city that is most into the art and music scene. It’s always a pleasure when you meet someone wearing a Pirates jersey, especially when he is a talented rapper.
Melbourne skyline. Melbourne was pretty cool, it was literally pretty cool in temperature when we were there. We would have preferred it was a bit warmer, but overall we shouldn’t complain about the weather.
Melbourne is known for it’s street art and it didn’t disappoint.
Oh hey kitty
Lupins grow in certain areas on the South Island of New Zealand in early summer. We missed seeing them last year so this year we went lupin-chasing.
Lupins sure are the prettiest weeds we’ve ever seen.

It’s been an adjustment working in the agricultural industry.  But I did get to go to my first A&P Show.

These guys were keen to hang out with me

We’ve been fortunate to meet and hang out with some pretty amazing people this past year.

For those of you that think Canadians are so different from Americans, we can assure you these ones are not.
It was great to have an expat family here. It made for an awesome time and we can’t wait to meet up again.
Oh this guy. It was great when he stayed over when my mom visited and she wouldn’t come downstairs because she had heard a random guy’s voice in the wee hours of the morning. All was good though.  We ate a nice home-cooked breakfast that morning and I’m pretty sure he taught her a lot.

We are now off to take advantage of the two week country “shutdown”.  We hope you have a great Christmas and New Years!

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