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It seems like it is time to change our cover photo on LibyourLife.  While I hate to see the pics from the Caribbean go away, it is time to promote the beauty that is New Zealand.  While New Zealand is in the South Pacific it is not the type of islands you may think of when you hear South Pacific, especially when you know of our love for tropical beaches.  New Zealand has some of the prettiest, clearest, and bluest waters I have ever seen.  Unfortunately it is not warm enough to swim in most of them (at least on the South Island).  Australia may be our closest neighbor (besides small islands) and people often think the weather in NZ is similar to that in Aussie.  I can personally tell you that it definitely is not.  As I am typing this post in January it is warmer in Pittsburgh, PA than it is in Christchurch, NZ.  It is unseasonably warm in Pittsburgh for mid-late January and the middle of winter.  I wish I could say it was unseasonably cold in Christchurch for the middle of summer but that isn’t the case.  The one thing that is predictable in NZ is the unpredictably of the weather.

We have barely scratched the surface when it comes to traveling within New Zealand.  Next month we will head to Auckland for a weekend and this will be the first time we check out anywhere on the North Island.  We had a layover in Auckland on our way back from Fiji.  We discovered they have Dunkin Donuts.  And they tasted like the Dunkin Donuts we love!  What else will Auckland have that we don’t have in Christchurch??  We can’t wait to explore the city a bit before we head off to Anthony’s first Bruce Springsteen concert.

Over time we plan to get up travel posts so you all can check out some of the beauty we have experienced thus far.  In the meantime the cover photo will have to make do.  It includes pics from Milford Sound, Rakaia Gorge, Abel Tasman, and Marlborough Sound.  Cheers!

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