Then and Now Photos

I’ve been extremely lucky to have a great group of friends that I have known longer than I would like to admit.  While we may not get to see each other and hang out as often nowadays, it is really fun when we are able to get together.

I was always the one with the camera in high school.  It was a disposable camera in those days.  I remember we would go out over the weekend and we had to “choose” our pictures carefully as there were only 24 exposures on the camera.  Every once in awhile you could get the few extra to 27 but there were no guarantees.  I would drop the camera off at Kmart to get the pictures developed.  It cost $5.99 to get the doubles but they sent them away so I usually didn’t have them back for Monday unless I splurged for the 1 hour photos.  The suspense of waiting to get the pictures back really got to some people.  I won’t name any names….Monahan.  But the event of looking at the photos  once I got them back and reminiscing about all the shenanigans was sometimes almost as fun as the night itself.

I wanted to have a party to bring everyone together to look at my old albums before we depart for New Zealand.  With the sale of the house happening much faster than we anticipated this became more difficult.  Instead I decided that it would be fun to recreate some of the old pics.  I was going to try and keep it a secret at first but it’s too difficult to try and recreate without people catching on.  Plus I didn’t know which order people were supposed to be in or the small details.  As word spread of the “then and now” photos people got really into it and it became really fun.

So the one big question I kept getting was – when will I be sharing the pics??  I decided to post here so everyone would have an opportunity to finally see the blog and so they can keep up with our journey.

Click on pics below for a slideshow.