The ‘World’ Ball

Anthony is what you can call a “gym class hero”.  He likes all sports, especially when he gets to play them for recreation.  Our first trip together was in Aruba in 2009.  He brought a stress relief world ball he was given at some point (which is funny because he isn’t a guy that really needs one) just to be sure he had a toy for the trip.

We ended up getting a picture of the ball with the local beer and didn’t realize it would become a tradition on all, okay most, of our trips together.  For all the trips we forgot, guess it’s a reason to go back!

Here are a few of the pics.  Click for slideshow and more info.

Sometimes we don’t manage to get a pic with a “local” beer.  Instead we get it with the beer we are drinking at the time.

Since we won’t be residing in Pittsburgh any longer, it is only fitting to have a pic with a can of IC Light.

IC Light- Pittsburgh's finest
IC Light- Pittsburgh’s finest
Just a typical fridge of a Yinzer
Just a typical fridge of a Yinzer